Final Thanks Giving Soul Jam

Ty Causey
Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul, first-off  'thank you' to Dave Thomas for filling in for me on Black Country Radio over the past two weeks, he did a great job!
The Featured Album this week comes from the man who puts Fort Wayne, Indiana on the Soul map, that's Mr Ty Causey. His new set "God Is Love" is a collection of original Gospel tunes written by himself and this gives you a real insight into this mans character, music truly is his life. I got a chance to catch his stage show last week, he had a packed house 'steppin' and groovin'', no one left that venue disappointed that's for sure.  His album is widely available from all the usual outlets cdBaby & Amazon, etc.

Chuck + Wilton Crump
It was great to be at the final Thanksgiving Soul Jam held at the Star Plaza in Merriville last Month, and what a show that was! I ran in to so many friends it was amazing. So with that in mind I thought I would share that with you by way of the songs I was privileged hear at the live concert. The showstoppers for me were The Manhattans, I gotta say; 'Gerald Alston never disappoints' he bought the house down. It was great spending a couple of days with my Detroit family Charles & Rose Davis we had a blast as it always is. My new music today comes from the legendary Ohio Players and Marc Staggers' wonderful version of the Motown classic "This Old Heart Of Mine" but It's predominantly old school this week.

Ok on with the music, sit back and enjoy...

Sunday's playlist for December 3rd., 2017
Hour One
9th Creation - Mellow Music
Marc Staggers - This Old Heart Of Mine
Ohio Players - Reset
Will Downing - I Just Wanna Say Thank You
Stan Mosley - Sentimental Change
Luther Ingram - How I Miss My Baby
Tony Troutman - Try It One More Time
Ronnie Dyson - Heart To Heart
The Holidays - I'm So Glad
Ty Causey ft Tracy Taylor - You Love Me For Me
Ty Causey - Gonna Change Some Thangs
David Nevin - The Maze

Hour Two
The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again
The Stylistics - Right As Rain
The Intruders - Cowboys To Girls
The Intruders - I Wanna Know Your Name
The Whispers - Is It Good To You
The Whispers - Olivia (Lost And Turned Out)
The Manhattans - If My My Heart Could Speak
The Manhattans - Goodbye Is The Saddest Word
Charles Davis - Your'e The One For Me
Wilton Crump - Give Your Love To Me
The Jacksons - Find Me A Girl


Marvin Ruffin R.I.P.

Late Marvin (pic via Steve Calloway)
Thanks for stopping by this weeks show because I have current releases from Ms Jayna Blackwell, who's new album is due early in the new year, plus I'll will be dipping into the latest sets from Will Downing and Calvin Richardson, plus and I just thought I would refresh your mind on the recent products from Freddie Jackson and Todd B.

I want to take a moment and pay tribute to my long time friend and late night talking buddy Marvin Ruffin who sadly passed last week. He was first cousin to David & Jimmy Ruffin. Marvin's career never reached those heights in terms of recorded output and world wide fame but he was respected by all who knew him and his live shows took him around the world. Over the years he lived and performed in Japan, Spain, the UK, and countless other countries and was always a guy who pulled the crowds. You knew you could rely on Marvin for an entertaining show and on a personal level Marvin was a good and trusted friend who I will miss. Though we didn't get to see each other so much over the last couple of years we never lost touch, our last time together was in fact in Detroit at the Charles Wright museum. Marvin  left way to soon and I'm gonna miss those late night chats, picking up the phone and hearing that Ruffin tone say "heyyyyyyy" and that laugh that would light up a room. Marvin was laid to rest in his home town of Detroit on Monday November 13th., be at peace my brother until we meet again. Thanks for the smiles and memories, gonna miss you!

I will be away in the States for the next couple of weeks, but things will be back to normal on my return.

Playlist for Sunday, November 12th. 2017
Hour One
Woods Empire - Universal Love
Jayna Blackwell ft Ken'Yuan - That's My Song
Calvin Richardson - Make Me Say Nah Nah Nah
Willie Bradley ft Gerald Alston - In The Meantime
Will Downing - Tell Me About It
Todd B - Messed Up This Time
Marvin Ruffin -This Thing Called Love
Syreeta - It Don't Mean Nothing To Me
The Elgins - You Found Yourself Another Fool
Art Wilson - Unbelievable
Tony Troutman - I Truly Love You
Tyrone Davis - So Good To Be Home With Me
Tavares - Love Calls

Hour Two
Quincy Patrick - In My Bed
Bobby Patterson -
               If I Hadn't Slipped Up And Got Caught
9th Creation - Sexy Girl
T H E M - The Time Is Now
J Blackfoot - Losers Weepers
Freddie Jackson - One Night
Playa - Everybody Wanna Love Somebody
O T Sykes - Loneliness Inside Of Me
Waldo - Love Don't Grow On Trees
Dynamic Superiors - One Nighter
The Dells - I Wish It Was Me You Loved

Marvin Ruffin  interview (sorry part one has gone missing)



Welcome and thank you for stopping by the Science of Soul website. On this weeks show I'll be  featuring "Catchin' Feelings" the latest album from Coriology, it's a real smooth and soulful set that I think you will enjoy. The single from the album "Be With You" has proved to be a great showcase for the man's style. Other newbies this week come from the lovely Ms Donna Allen and I think this track will propel Donna to the next level. Southern soul man Mo'B keeps churning out great music with his new single being no exception, the more I hear it the better it sounds.

Everyone's favourite Uncle, Uncle Wayne is back with his latest single "Somewhere"  being very well received and not hard to see why. Also taking a quick dip into Kenny Lattimore's new set; "Vunerable," which is sure to keep Kenny pretty Busy. Ledisi is also back with a new album "Let Love Rule" and it's only right and fitting that I take a peak. Old skool folks listen out for Esther Phillips' killer version of the Originals classic "Baby I'm For Real," not fair to compare it as is one of my all time favourite recordings, but it's an amazing version none the less. OK, it's music time, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Playlist for Sunday November 5th, 2017
Hour One
Donna Allen
Goodie - You & I
Donna Allen - Shadows
Adriana Evans - In Search Of
Uncle Wayne - Somewhere
Art Wilson - Stay
Lawrence Preston - Something For You
Heatwave - Where Did I Go Wrong
Sam Butler - I Can't Get Over Loving You
Ledisi - Here
Coriology - Be With You
Coriology - On & On
Universal Love - It's You Girl
Tower of Power - It Can Never Be The Same

Lost Generation

Hour Two
Slique Jay Adams - Your Body
Rockie Robbins - You & Me
Anglo Saxon Brown - Straighten It Out
TNJ's - Dont Forget About Me
Mo.B - My Dream
Coriology - Bee My Honey
Kenny Lattimore - Stay On My Mind
The Lost Generation - Your Mission
Bernard Wright - Won't U Let Me Love U
Esther Phillips - Baby I'm For Real
Special Delivery - Strait From The Heart
Skyy - When You Touch Me

Corioligy biography:-
At the corner where music intersects with jazz, soul, pop & rock, you will meet an artist that sets a signature trend of music; Coriology. His artistic approach to music has gained the attention and respect of many audiences. His compositions allow the ear to be hypnotized and the mind to expand by his lyrical content.  Coriology’s musicianship speaks loudly, but to meet him is a gentle experience. His calm, humble nature originates from his small town roots of Texarkana, Arkansas where he was raised. Playing piano and organ in church nurtured and honed his skills; and once opportunity met destiny, his music began to take him on a journey that has afforded him the experiences of performing along-side legendary artists such as Kirk Franklin, Stephanie Mills, Richard Smallwood, Mariah Carey & Monica just to name a few.  Now in Atlanta Georgia, Coriology begins a new chapter with his debut solo album Coriology101 currently available on iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. God has favored Coriology with the chemistry to create some of the best music of our time.

More:- https://www.facebook.com/iamcoriology/


Chairmen Of The Board

Uvee Hayes
The new music on the Science of Soul this week comes from Southern soul man Vick Allen, and San Bernardino based James Grove who asks the question "What Happened To Soul Music," plus I dip into Justin Terrells' excellent "Love Session's" album that was released earlier in the year. The lovely Ms Gina Carey is back with a new single "Kissed By The Sun."

Jamus Grove
My Featured Album comes from Chairmen of the Board ft Ken Knox and as I am sure you'll be aware I've featured the title track "Words Left Unsaid" before, but now the album is officially available, I now will share 3 more tracks with you. Detroit soulman Bobby Helmz has finished-up his latest album "Changes" and it's due for release in the very near future, so I thought I tease you with the title track 'cus I'm sure you will enjoy. For the old school folks you get Chain Reaction, Bloodstone and name you might just have forgotten Carl Graves, plus also have a couple of track from one of my favourite ladies of soul Ms Uvee Hayes. OK sit back enjoy and please tell a friend about the Science of Soul.

Playlist for Sunday 29th. October, 2017
Hour One
Carl Graves
Bloodstone - My Kinda Woman
Gina Carey - Kissed By The Sun
Bobby Helmz - Changes
The Right Choice - Torn Between Two Lovers
Vick Allen - Do Thangs
Vick Allen - Crazy Over You
Chairmen of the Board/Ken Knox - Get Your Lovin'
Chairmen of the Board/Ken Knox - Each Morning I Wake Up
Richard Bailey ft Gary B Poole - All My Desires
Jamus Grove - What Happened To Soul Music
Justin Terrell - I Can Make You Smile
Beverly & Duane - We Gotta Stick Together

Hour Two
Billy Soul
Carl Graves - Baby Hang Up The Phone
The Chaparrals - Just Be You
Special Delivery - Oh Let Me Know It
Eddie Kendrick - Never Gonna Leave You
Chairmen of the Board/Ken Knox - No One Else
Uvee Hayes & Otis Clay - Play Something Pretty
Uvee Hayes - Your Love Gotta Hold On Me
Billy Soul Bonds - Stand By Me Girl
The Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow
The Chi-Lites - I Just Wanna Hold You Close
Chain Reaction - Never Lose Never Win
Coldfire - Time To Leave